It’s no secret that there are many fun things to do in Carrollton, GA for all different types of people, no matter what age. Given that there are so many fun things to do in this city, we thought it would be best to write this post which highlights some of our top picks, so that if you only have limited time in the city, you can make the most of it. Read below to check out our picks for the best things to do in Carrollton, GA!

Visit The Carrollton GreenBelt

The Carrollton GreenBelt is an 18 mile path that connects existing neighborhoods with the city school campus, the University of West Georgia, the city parks, and even several different shopping areas. The Carrollton GreenBelt is also the largest paved loop trail system in the state of Georgia, and is a perfect place to visit for those who really love the outdoors. If you love going on hikes, experiencing nature, or just generally enjoy being outdoors, we definitely recommend visiting the Carrollton GreenBelt!

Check Out The Southeastern Quilt Museum 

The Southeastern Quilt Museum is located within walking distance of Adamson Square, and is open on Thursday’s and Friday’s from 10am to 4pm and Saturday’s from 10am to 2pm. It costs $5.00 to enter and is worth every penny. The museum has exhibits featuring a wide variety of quilts such a traditional and art quilts. They also have summer Camp sessions that are offered annually to children, ages 9 and up. If you enjoy the arts, and more specifically quilts, this should be towards the top of your to do list while visiting Carrollton, GA!

Visit John Tanner Park

John Tanner park is located at 354 Tanner Beach Rd in Carrollton, GA and is a great spot to visit if you are looking to relax, and enjoy the outdoors. The park features a lake with a sand beach, miniature golf, volleyball, horse shoes, and hiking. If you’re looking to go paddle boarding on a lake, play some volleyball, or just relax on a sand beach, John Tanner Park is the spot for you!

Visit Lock City Escape Games

Lock city escape games is a live action escape game facility where you and a group of people are put into a room where you will be tasked with solving challenging puzzles and unraveling mysteries in order to escape the room within a certain time frame. They are only open Monday through Thursday and by appointment only. If you love solving challenging puzzles, visit Lock City Escape games today!