Although life’s circumstances are a bit uncertain in many facets, one thing that isn’t changing is the fact that summer is right around the corner. In a typical year, this would mean it’s time for many people to start spending more time doing their favorite outdoor activities again. That number is likely to be even higher than normal this year as a cooped-up society will probably crave fresh air more than ever!

All this to say, there’s never been a better time to start taking advantage of the local opportunities to explore nature and wildlife. Getting more vitamin D via sunshine and your blood pumping are never bad things to begin with, and visiting these natural beauties will hopefully be a welcome change from the cramped indoors. Here are some good spots to find outdoor fun in Carrollton, Georgia.

The Carrollton Greenbelt

Likely the most obvious and user-friendly pick on this list, the hype doesn’t come without any justification. As the largest greenbelt in the state of Georgia, this place contains more than 18 miles of shared-use paths and trails. Connecting the nearby existing neighborhoods, city parks, and several retail shopping areas with the University of West Georgia’s campus, the Greenbelt is a very convenient place to get out and take a hike. 

Little Tallapoosa Park

Further on the outskirts of Carrollton, this park provides a number of options for people looking to enjoy the outdoors. In addition to the nine miles of trails, there are fishing ponds and lakes, campsites with typical amenities, and even equestrian parking for those looking for the perfect spot to let their horse get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors, too. The usual daily entrance fee is $5 for parking per car, which is more than worth it. 

John Tanner Park 

Centered on the opportunity to use the lake and its surrounding beach, John Tanner Park is an outdoor wonder to explore — 18 holes of putt-putt golf, 31 campsites with water and electric hookups, walking trails, seasonal paddle boat rental options, and more.

Longview Dog Park

Mainly a good spot for dog lovers, this park has a pavilion, picnic tables, and other similar amenities. Located right off the walking trail behind the tennis courts, it’s the perfect spot to bring your pup and let them run around and meet some new canine friends. Plus, the exercise opportunities for your four-legged friend are great with specially designed obstacles.

McIntosh Reserve Park

Technically in the city of Whitesburg, Georgia, but just a short drive away from Carrollton, the offerings available here are similar to the other parks on this list, with some additional options. Visitors can enjoy primitive camping (selecting and setting up one’s own site of choice) and explore the park’s unique slice of history by checking out Creek Indian Chief William McIntosh’s plantation.