November is the month for giving and appreciating those around you. Cherish special moments that you have with your loved ones, spread kind words, and always keep your head held high. Creating a welcoming environment and providing you with an amazing living experience is our goal. Be sure to engage in all of our community events this month by staying tuned into our social media platforms. We look forward to continuing to build great relationships with all our residents!

Special Highlight

We want to say thank you to all our residents for being so involved in our events last month. Special shoutouts go to every resident who won prizes for being a rock star! We have plenty more fun and engaging events for you all this month!

Reminders and Updates

Renewal season is here! If you are interested in continuing your living experience with us, stop by our office or give us a call to learn more about what it means to renew. Rates are the lowest they’ll be all season, so secure your spot!

Building a Career in College

College is such a busy, crazy time for many people that focusing on the here and now is all most can do. Well, good news! There are several ways to incorporate career building into your everyday busy life. By taking the following steps, you’ll be on your way to creating a successful future for yourself:

  • Check out the Career Success Portal. Did you know that your community offers you 24/7 access to millions of jobs and internships along with many tools to improve your resume and interviewing skills? Check out and create an account today!
  • Visit your university’s career center. Employers are focusing more and more on experience and skills rather than just good grades. Get in touch with organizations through the career center to branch out and participate in different activities you normally wouldn’t have. This gives you a chance to explore your major and others, and see what you’re truly passionate about.
  • Evaluate yourself. Your future employer will want to know why you’re a good fit for their company. College is about finding your strengths and weaknesses — take time now to figure out your skills, values, personality traits, and interests. Learning about yourself will help prepare you for interviews when you’re hit with the question, “What do you think you will excel at the most in this position?”
  • Challenge yourself. The more you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, the more likely you’re to overcome your weaknesses. Apply for the part-time job at your apartment complex you normally wouldn’t apply for, or take that theater class you’ve always wanted to take. By challenging yourself, you’re building important skills and personality traits that will help you rise within your field.
  • Take your work seriously. Whether you have a part-time job or volunteer, take the experience seriously. You can use previous supervisors for references when you are beginning your career. It will pay off in the long run to succeed in the workplace by building useful skills that you’ll have for life.
  • Find a mentor. Find someone who is doing what you want to do. You can search on LinkedIn to get connected and network with others in your field who are also passionate about what they do. Talk to your professors and pick their brains as to why they chose the career they did. Once you find a mentor, everything can change. You become more motivated to succeed in something you love doing because you have someone who makes the experience a million times better.

Did you know you can build your credit history just by paying your rent? A strong credit history can help you with achieving personal and professional success. We have partnered with RentTrack to offer you the opportunity to have your rent payments reported to all three credit bureaus! Participants in this program have seen their credit scores go up an average of 51 points! Get more details and enroll today at

Community Events Calendar

National Doughnut Day — Monday, November 5 @ 10 a.m. — In honor of National Doughnut Day, doughnuts and orange juice will be waiting for you in the front office. What a way to start your day!

You Talk, We Listen — Tuesday, November 6 @ 5 p.m. — Everyone’s voice matters. We would love to hear about the pros and cons of your living experience so far. This roundtable will include the management team and your neighbors to discuss anything you want to express to us.

Festive Movie Night — Tuesday, November 6 @ 6 p.m. — Some of the best movies are produced during the holidays. Come out to this movie night to enjoy great company with CA Emily and your neighbors. This is a great way to get out of your apartment and meet new people!

Battle of the Border — Saturday, November 10 @ TBD — Are you #TEAMDAWGS or #WAREAGLES? Show us who you support on game day. Join us to watch the Georgia vs. Auburn game in the clubhouse. You don’t want to miss this one!

Zone Wars: Food and Clothing Drive — November 12–30 — It’s the Battle of the Zones! This competition is all about giving to those in need! Come to the clubhouse to donate non-perishable goods, such as canned foods and gently worn gloves, scarves, jackets, and so on. Every zone will have a designated area for their donations and sign-in sheets. The zone with the most donations will get a delicious large pizza delivered right to your door (to those who participated). Show us how much of a helping hand you are and donate!

Spread Love and Kindness — Tuesday, November 13 @ 9 a.m. — In honor of World Kindness Day, we’ll be passing out Blow Pops with inspiring quotes to encourage everyone to be the best person they can be. We challenge you to pass out at least two Blow Pops to your peers and make their day!

A Timbercrest Thanksgiving Feast — Wednesday, November 14 @ 6:30 p.m. — Our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Feast is here! We want to celebrate a time of family, friends, and community with you all as we feast on some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Our dishes will be prepared by HoneyBaked Ham. RSVP at [email protected] to reserve your early Thanksgiving plate.

CYO Fall Mason Jar Candles — Tuesday, November 27 @ 6:30 p.m. — This is the time of year where you make your house a home. Come create your own wax candle in the clubhouse with CA Tori. She enjoys when our residents take away something valuable from her events. What’s better than free candles?

Chili Cheese Dogs — Wednesday, November 28 @ 2:30 p.m. — It’s HUMP DAAAYYYY! What better way to enjoy this day of the week than to indulge in some delicious chili cheese dogs. CA Chaim is an amazing cook and will have you wanting more and more! Stop by our office and make your desired loaded dog!